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Linux Shared Hosting

Onlive Server offers hassle-free and the best Linux Shared hosting solutions worldwide. Our Linux Shared hosting is very cost-effective, simple hosting and can keep the basis for your business online. We’ve constructed server infrastructure and placed our Linux shared hosting squarely on the summit of it. We grant an easy-to-use administration interface for your account backed by means of the industry-leading manage panel, cPanel. This administration interface offers you full management to add or eliminate email bills and area names, as properly as control your documents and MySQL databases, and much more.

Is Linux Shared Hosting being The Best Choice for Websites?

When an enterprise individual begins their personal online business, it may no longer be feasible to invest an appropriate quantity of cash in buying large hosting. Initially, they appear for plans that are inexpensive and furnish sufficient internet hosting services. Hence, Linux Shared Hosting is quality for those who are inclined to host their small websites with much less investment.

Through this guide, we will inform you how Shared Linux Hosting is first-rate for your small websites and what blessings you get with your entry-level web hosting plans. You will additionally be conscious of what Challenges an internet site face with the right web hosting after studying this article. So go via this information to attain the remaining words.

Challenges an internet site face with a true internet hosting

People typically decide on the inexpensive Linux shared hosting in India that gives lots of hosting services. But it is a truth that enterprise humans and website owners face many troubles when selecting the excellent internet host for their internet site hosting. Here are some key elements that assist to select the fine out of a couple of options.

Slow Website Loading Speed

Well, loading velocity things a lot in internet site hosting. If you select the internet hosting that consequences in slower internet site speed, then it will have an effect on your whole internet site overall performance and reputation. Therefore, pick the exceptional Linux Shared Web Hosting plans to journey the quick internet web page loading speed.

Expensive Hosting Plans

It is one of the elements that each and every commercial enterprise man or woman and client considers whilst shopping for the hosting. If you pick the low-priced plans, you get restricted offerings that are no longer ample to accomplish your internet site requirements. Every person can’t buy costly internet hosting plans. For them, Shared Linux Hosting is a fine choice.

Excessive time for resolving problems

It is a reality if you pick out the greater server hosting offerings for web hosting your enterprise website then, it advantages your business. But one of the negative aspects is it takes to a whole lot of time to troubleshoot your technical errors. Therefore, pick the first-class Cheap Linux Shared Net Hosting plan for immediate solutions.

Not Disclosing Limitations of Web Hosting plans

Most of the internet hosts didn’t expose their website offerings and support; it will confuse the customers whether or not they need to purchase the hosting. Also, they will now not inform about what uptime they provide with their services. Therefore, it is a have to make sure that you will get a certain uptime earlier than selecting any hosting plans for your website hosting.

Low Level of Security

Security is the central aspect, however, on occasion, the net host fails to guard your internet site information from unauthorized access and hackers. Therefore, earlier than shopping for the internet hosting services, make positive you will get the excessive facts safety services, inclusive of DDoS safety and Server Secure Security. You can additionally host your internet site on a Linux Shared Web Hosting to maintain your internet site facts relatively secured.

Why Linux Shared Hosting being Best Choice?

The Cheap Linux web hosting in India is wealthy in aspects and gives a large range of resources. Also, you can take the advantage of all extreme sources at a low price. There are many motives for picking Shared Hosting for your business website. It is a pleasant desire for most enterprise individuals to host your small websites. Take a rapid completion on the information that makes a Shared Hosting the first desire for users.

Shared Plan is very low on cost and cheap.

Provides extreme assets for internet site hosting

Easy plugins integration

Easy Scalable.

User-Friendly platform

This represents an economical solution to small businesses and individuals who cannot afford or do not need their own managed dedicated servers or a virtual private server (VPS).


A shared hosting account is a web hosting setup where multiple accounts are hosted on the same machine using the resources of that single machine. Linux Web Hosting is the most common form of web hosting. It’s inexpensive, scalable, and robust. Linux based shared hosting is an affordable and reliable option for hosting websites and web applications. It offers compatibility, stability, security, and a vibrant open-source community. However, it may have resource limitations and restricted server access compared to other hosting options. Consider your specific requirements and growth plans before choosing Linux shared hosting or exploring alternatives like VPS or dedicated servers.

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