Exhibit Your Online Business with the Cheap Dedicated Server

Cheap Dedicated Server

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

When talking about shopping for cheap dedicated hosting. You like to make sure, that you’re getting the most bang for your money. Then I suggest you, Onlive Server provide the best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting that too at a very cheap price. even on also quality, even on a budget.

Complete reach to your server:

When it comes to a ‘budget’ dedicated server schemes, a Cheap hosting service commonly isn’t an option. That means you will require to improve with your server directly or work with anyone who can configure it for you.

The multi-core central processing unit (CPU):

Almost all web hosts use very special types of CPUs for their Cheap Dedicated Server plans. If you are not a hardware man, then multi-core CPUs with over 2 GHz of processing power are a property standard to shoot for. The CPU is maybe the very crucial component of your cheap dedicated server. With a rapid clock race, your server will be adept to execute tasks rapidly. which is most important for dynamic websites. For WordPress, we’ve had achievement using a modest, single-core CPU. which is a lot less powerful than what any of the schemes in this post provide.

Other than one dedicated IP:

Are you planning to host different sites on your cheap dedicated server? Having IP addresses for every one of them can come in handy. Depending on your requirements, this may be a crucial component to consider.
Most normal cheap dedicated server schemes come with at least a couple of dedicated IPs. However, you may have to think. If other highlights outweigh the importance of this one if you want to stay within budget.

A proper amount of storage:

Storage is not generally a subject with Cheap Dedicated Server. But you still want to notice that what your web host provides. This is particularly true if the website you’re waking to host is big. Or if you’re planning to host many sites.

Even tasks shared schemes these days give 10–20 GB of storage as the baseline. You should be getting more than that with a dedicated server scheme. It’s vital to know that we are talking about dedicated server hosting. You will require to keep your hopes in check. However, you can often get a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and a 4-core CPU. through Onlive Server, you can get your dedicated server on a scant budget.

Onlive Server’s Cheap Dedicated Plans-

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
Germany Dedicated - DSX7One IPv41 GbpsGermany$199.00
Germany Dedicated - DSX4One IPv41 GbpsGermany$199.00
Germany Dedicated - DSX2One IPv41 GbpsGermany$129.00
Germany Dedicated - DSX1One IPv41 GbpsGermany$69.00
Germany Dedicated - DSX6One IPv41 GbpsGermany$169.00
Germany Dedicated - DSX3One IPv41 GbpsGermany$149.00
Germany Dedicated - DSX5One IPv41 GbpsGermany$129.00

If you want to purchase Onlive Server’s plans you go on top I hope you can view our server link. Then click on Dediated Server. I hope you did reach our Onlive Server’s dedicated server page. And then according to your needs, you select any of these cheap dedicated hosting options.

‘Cheap’ dedicated server hosting commonly being near the $100-per-month mark.If that doesn’t applicable to your budget. There are other minimum expensive types of plans you can choose for. like as on the Onlive Server, you get your cheap dedicated server at a very cheap price of $59/month.

If your website is at the scale where you require a dedicated server to offer a solid show to your consumer, then the charge can be more cost it.
You know that dedicated plans are designed to provide optimum service to the consumer. Onlive Server’s dedicated server hosting options here are rather similar to hardware. Onlive Server’s dedicated server outpaces the rest of the plans when it comes to CPUs and RAM.

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