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What is USA VPS Server?

USA VPS Server or Virtual Private Server, also known as VPS, is a virtual machine (a virtual private server) that acts like any other dedicated server without actually being one. You receive all the benefits of having your own dedicated server but without all the work and money that goes into getting and maintaining it. It’s much easier to start and stop your USA VPS Server instances. Whenever you want, unlike with dedicated servers where you can be locked into lengthy contracts.

Some Benefits of USA VPS Server

It’s a virtual server in which you get separated resources such as memory, hard disk, and other resources. With USA VPS server hosting you’ll be able to run several different applications on your own virtual server at an affordable price. If your business is growing and needs more processing power then it’s a really good choice. In US servers you’ll find more stable and productive performance from your website compared to other hosting services.

Technical Support

The first thing to consider when you buy USA VPS Server from Onlive Server is a leading Hosting Company. Not all companies offer support, but we do! We provide the best quality and 24/7 free Technical Support for our customers around the globe. It’s because of our technical support we are one of the top VPS hosting providers in the world. You don’t have to worry about server downtime or unreliable network. Our team at Onlive team will be there with you every step of the way


One of our more popular plans is a USA-based Virtual Private Server (VPS) package. A USA VPS server enables you to host your own websites while paying only for what you use. It also gives you complete control over everything in your virtual server environment: choice of the operating system, services and tools, applications, and more. We’ll start by giving you a solid base on which to build your website: we’ll pre-install Drupal or WordPress and then get out of your way so that you can make all of your important business decisions about how to structure and organize it. 

USA VPS Server


If you are a responsible user of web hosting services, you will know that there are plenty of threats to your site. By using a virtual private server, you can be sure that your security remains intact. It means not only will hackers find it harder to get in and steal information. But also viruses cannot make their way into your system. With an Onlive Server USA VPS account, you don’t have to worry about anything like this happening. Our packages include robust firewall security and daily malware scans so you know your data is always safe from danger.


The maximum amount of data that can be transmitted between your server and other locations. As a best practice, it’s a good idea to have enough bandwidth to handle multiple users on your site at one time. Cheap USA VPS Server Extra bandwidth should also be allocated if you plan on using video or photo-sharing sites (like YouTube or Flickr). While most people believe that bandwidth and storage are roughly equivalent. Bandwidth measures throughput (the maximum rate of transfer), while storage measures capacity (how much data can be stored). Make sure you specify much bandwidth includes your plan. For example, 2 gigabytes per month might sound like a lot; but when it comes to sharing photos with friends, two gigabytes won’t last long.


The same quality and performance as a Dedicated Server for a fraction of the cost. A Shared Hosting plan gives you a guaranteed amount of processing power, storage, and bandwidth. And when it comes time to scale back, moving to a lower vel package is as easy as clicking downgrade. How many servers do I need? Well, that depends on how much computing power you need on hand at any given time. Our Starter Plan comes with 1GB RAM per instance and allows for 2 instances total.


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be defined as a web hosting environment. Which server resources are shared between multiple customers, and each customer has an isolated operating system. This approach gives our customer’s sites more reliability and privacy. VPS hosting allows you to maintain full control over your files and applications, while still enjoying all of the benefits of a professional hosting solution. You will get high-end hardware, guaranteed performance, and a free SSL certificate with every package. We provide 24/7 support for any issues that may arise during the installation or use of your account.

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