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When developing a business website in Europe, you must choose a high-quality Europe VPS server hosting provider, which is Onlive Server Company. Onlive Server is an excellent hosting provider in multiple countries like the USA, UK, India, and Europe. We provide the best web solution-based Cloud Server Hosting or VPS Server Hosting. Europe VPS Server Hosting is one hosting option that can offer you the best speed; after that, your business will get massive popularity in the market. Those who avail of our company’s web hosting services get a lot of features out of cheap VPS hosting packages.

Best VPS server hosting is one of the best options for those who want to get something more than what they can get through shared hosting but cannot afford a dedicated server due to its high cost. Ultimately, Europe VPS hosting gives users more customization options, security, resources, and control for all applications and websites.


First and foremost, we remove the price factor as it is one of the major concerns for every person going for web server hosting deals. Regarding the pricing of this form of server hosting, virtual private server hosting comes as a happy medium.

It’s not like the free offers people usually come across, offering zero support and tons of hidden fees. Of course, this type of server hosting can be a bit more expensive than the starter deals available with shared server hosting.

Still, it is not as expensive as the deals with dedicated server hosting, where users must pay exorbitantly to own their servers. For those running an online business, Europe VPS hosting is one of the most affordable options that will not destroy your budget in any case.

Fully Secure

Your website remains separate from all other sites on the same server with a virtual private server. Users on the server are not required to share their operating system and other server resources with other areas hosted on the same server. Therefore, other sites do not have the power to access any of the user’s files. Additionally, if a particular website on the server will hack. It will not affect other sites hosted on the same server.

Fully Customizable

Buying a shared server means sharing everything with other sites, including the operating system. It means they can individually customize all the Operating system applications, including Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Lastly, they can configure the server to meet individual needs instead of default settings. However, this is not the case with the best Europe VPS Server Hosting, where all websites have operating systems.

Entire Control

Most of the time, when installing a new resource or application, users need to restart the server for these changes to take effect. It is impossible on a shared server because the activity can take down all other users’ websites while the server’s reboot process is on. With cheap VPS hosting, users can reboot their servers without worrying about disturbing the neighbors. Users also get a completely independent IP address with a virtual private server hosting provider. It gives them complete control over their site’s rank on the primary search engine result pages. Your IP address also means that any filtering software will not inadvertently block a user’s site. It is not the case with shared servers, where having the same IP address as the site with malware can also stop your site.

High Resources

The most significant advantage of going for Europe VPS Hosting is that users on Virtual Private Servers do not need to share the server resources with other sites hosted on the same server. Shared servers come with limited hard drives and memory, translating to shared use of different areas such as bandwidth. If a particular website on the shared server sees a massive traffic surge. It can slow down all other sites and, in the worst cases, even crash all other sites. Going for the services of a cheap VPS hosting provider is probably the wisest move for companies that are growing very fast and are beyond the constraints of shared servers. VPS server hosting is undoubtedly the best bet for fast-growing companies or businesses. But still not ready to go with dedicated network servers, given the enormous costs involved. With VPS, you can go for the cheapest plans, which can help your site move smoothly without facing any issues.

It is essential for business website owners to understand that VPS is the first-class server hosting plan, as it is affordable as well as highly resource-based. Our VPS server will provide high speed to your website. If you need to upgrade to a VPS server, visit our Online Servers website. If your site has received a lot of traffic, a VPS server is a good idea for your website. With online servers, you can upgrade to virtual private server hosting. That’s because, with this upgrade, you get more resources, more freedom, more speed, and less downtime!

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