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Instant Domain Search from Onlive Server

Carrying out the right Instant Domain Search will help you find the right domain name matching the site and the business you are operating. This is crucial for the success of your business. It is very important to be careful in searching for the right domain name because one wrong choice in this context and will be a major problem for you. It will be quite problematic for you to switch to some other domain name later because it will be a major blow to your search rankings and even to your branding.

Initially, when you start out with an Instant Domain Search, it will be very difficult for you to come up with a catchy and informative business name idea with the perfect domain name. Now, there are definitely some of the best tips and tricks available that you can follow for getting the right domain name for your business. Have a look below:

Tips on Choosing the Right Domain Name

Instant Domain Search

Your domain name search experience can be really stressful as you cannot afford to make any mistakes here. To make the procedure easier, here are a few simple steps that you can take to use the domain in the most beneficial manner, so it offers you the best of results.

Go with the .com Extensions

Of course, the domain name marketplace is filled with several extensions starting from the original ones like .net and .com to the niche extensions such as .photography, .pizza, .blog, and so on. However, when using the domain, it is always recommended to go for the .com extensions. While it can be quite tempting to use the cleverer blog names with new extensions, it is always a good idea to go for the .com extension because it is still the established and trustworthy domain name extension. Ask the experts, and they will tell you that the newer domain name extensions such as .photography and .ninja can always make businesses appear less reliable.

The .com domain names are established and popular choices mainly because they are memorable. The majority of the users, specifically the ones who aren’t technologically savvy, will type in .com automatically at the end of all the domains without even thinking about them. And yes, it is also important to note that majority of the smartphone keyboards have the .com button automatically. Such is the popularity of the dot-com extension.

Use the Right Keywords

Keywords have the most significant role to play in almost any domain. Using the right keywords in a domain name means you are telling the search engines everything about your site. Apart from perfect user experience to top quality content, the right keywords in a domain name can be of good help in ranking a business site higher in the Google search rankings. Well, finding the perfect domain name with targeted keywords is difficult in the domain name. It is very important for you to be highly creative in combining the keywords with various other words to make your domain name stand out from the others.

Always Keep the Domain Name Short

If you carry out a proper Instant Domain Search, you will find that majority of the popular domain names are really short but informative. This is important because the shorter the domain name, the easier it will be for the users to remember the name, and thus, they will be on your site again and again.

While it is important to incorporate the right keywords in a domain name when trying to search for it, you must avoid going overboard with the length of the name. It is always a good idea to stick with domain names that are shorter and easily memorable.

Experts recommend keeping domain names under the 15-character mark. Longer domain names are difficult for the users to keep in mind. Not to mention, users have higher chances of entering typos with the longer domain names resulting in loss of traffic.

Go for Domain Names Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Make sure to carry out a proper Find Available Domain and find one that can shared easily while speaking and even while writing. After all, you do not know when you will be asked to share the domain name with any person or at any location on the web. If you have plans of using your domain name for creating a professional email address for your business. It must definitely be easily understandable, and the spelling should also be easy for the listener.

Keep the Domain Name Brandable and Exclusive

It is important for your domain name to exclusive because only a unique name will help you in standing out in the minds of the readers. It is also a smart idea to research the other sites serving the same niche as yours and get hold of the domain names that they are using successfully. However, it is important that you pay attention to not copying the domain name entirely. Because you might accidentally end up using the trademark name of a business, or you might even be accused of copying the domain name of some other site.


Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind will definitely help you in finding the right domain name for your business or product. Remember, this will be the first chance for you to be visible to your prospects; therefore, choose a magical domain name.

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