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best vps hosting

In VPS Hosting, you will get a KVM Hypervisor processor with it have own disk space, Operating system, RAM and it is more suitable for small and medium-sized online businesses. Best VPS Hosting comes with a control panel that gives full root access. It gives each account give user more control over the hosting account.

What do you expect from Best VPS Hosting?

In VPS Hosting you run an e-commerce site heavy traffic sites run easily compared to shared hosting VPS Hosting comes with more powerful resources and extra benefits with a large data center where your all data is secure easily.

Best VPS Hosting

This is the list of some advanced features of the VPS Hosting

  • That is cost-efficient as compared to a dedicated server
  • Comes with Full root access where you can easily customize RAM, disk space, and bandwidth, and an Operating system you can upgrade when you need.
  • comes with one dedicated IP address, software license (for cPanel or other you choose) is upgradable.
  • It provides 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Comes with an SSL certificate and SSD Storage for improving your hosting experience.
  • It Easily Managed heavy traffic from your website
  • Security is too high where your all data is safe from hackers
  • That comes with a large data center where your all data is stored and also gives a backup facility.

Types of VPS Hosting

Here is the list of different types of VPS Hosting

           Shared Hosting

           Managed Hosting

           Cloud Hosting

          Reseller Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, multiple sites are host on a single server. All the websites in shared hosting use the resources on a single server. Shared hosting, multiple sites are host on a single server.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS Server is your first step toward enjoying the benefits of virtualization technology, which includes more efficient computing, lower costs, and greater flexibility. Our Cloud Server includes complete resource allocation, increasing performance, and simplifying management for superior reliability.

Reseller VPS Hosting

In Reseller hosting web hosting provider provides a service that a person sells web hosting service as their own. Many reseller hosting comes with wholesale. You make your own brand and start to sell hosting.

Why is Onlive Server is Best Hosting Provider?

Onlive Server offers the best VPS provider in less than your budget. They provide services such as website hosting, virtual private server, cheap domain registration, cheap web hosting, cheap Cpanel hosting, website design, and much more at an affordable price list. Onlive Server has multiple location servers available with the nearest data center.


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Question and answer

What is Managed Hosting?

In Managed Hosting service provider give maintenance instant setup, security, backup, and flexible customer support.

What are the benefits of Managed VPS Hosting?

       Simple management

     Instant resource provisionin

        Cost Saving



Can we change our Operating System?

Yes, We provide a fully customizable Operating System and you can be requested from the control panel and this will take place immediately.

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