One Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plan Can Make Your Brand

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting has good features for you and easy to understand all web data of learning. So you should check it at least one time. Onlive Server is a professional web hosting provider company in India. Their cheap dedicated server hosting plan package is very fastest performing server plan.

The top essential feature of dedicated web hosting.Server hosting management

Web hosting security

Web hosting options

Onlive Server Hosting plans

This web hosting company has a very user-friendly web hosting website, with everything that a Cheap Dedicated Server hosting. The client may need more. This means that there are no hidden charges or features. It offers packages starting from $59 per month, for which it supplies 500MB RAM, 100Mbps bandwidth, and 16GB storage. The packages provided here are customizable, so the customer can choose the provider who prefers to host their site.

Onlive Server promises 99.9% uptime, but the company promises to keep its hosting servers online throughout the year. Their uptime guarantee assures that it will not affect an organization with any downtime. Which may be of an hour or more. Onlive Infotech offers dedicated, reseller, and shared hosting packages.

Pros of a dedicated web server

Free set-up

Easy add and remove packages


Customer service

How do you manage dedicated server hosting services?

The company (Onlive Server) offers cheap dedicated server hosting services for various reasons. The benefits of doing so are that the company has a dedicated server. Which can be hosted on a particular server that is kept up to date. The benefits that come with it are that the setup will be more secure. We will maintain it at all times so it will be better suited for running a business.

They use this setup for a variety of reasons. They usually offered it as a small investment that will provide better reliability as compared to a shared server. The benefit of such a setup is that it is less susceptible to internal server disruptions.

Clients or customers of a company will have access to a dedicated server. This means that no one else will have access to it. Users will access the service easily and have full control over it. In case of a problem, they will contact the service provider, which will be faster than if it were an issue for another client.

Server Security

How secure a dedicated server hosting for a website can be. When someone can steal a specific IP address by buying a Dedicated Server Hosting through a site like WordPress, or even worse, stealing it via proxy services? I would personally be completely unnerved if I had my own IP address because anyone could hack my account and try to steal it from me.

So what if you are one of the cool kids and can get your own dedicated server?

If you are a webmaster and are looking for cheap dedicated servers with the best SSD hard drive, we have just the right deal for you.

Visit our dedicated server for free SSD drives which are hard to find in regular retail and have 30 Days money-back guarantee.

And we have a stack of space in our two dedicated servers for just $59.99 – a great price for the quality of the servers you’re getting.

Lower Usual Charges on Dedicated Servers

 Developers Will Be Able to Reduce their costs by hundreds or thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a project, by off-loading individual functions to dedicated servers or containers.

Data Transfer Speed – Transfers are now always faster on dedicated servers.

Ease of Use – Dedicated server admins no longer have to worry about adding, moving, and backing up VMs.

Bulk Provisioning – Businesses can now rapidly provision dedicated servers in the event of a sudden need.

Retention – Servers that are not being used can now be left idle and the cost is returned to the business.

Reliability – Because the servers are locked down, business downtime caused by technical problems can be quickly and easily contained.

Operating system choices

Server hosting support solution, we are now known as a virtual private server hosting company (onlive server) for companies that need a dedicated server solution but don’t want to use a VPS provider. Best Dedicated server for hosting companies, we are now known as a cheap dedicated server hosting company for companies that want to host their website and applications on a physical server with a dedicated IP address. Onlive server solutions dedicated server hosting platform e is a dedicated server hosting company that supports different platforms, such as virtual private server, dedicated server solutions, and dedicated hosting solutions. We also support windows servers 2008, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019. Linux servers, dedicated server hosting solutions we are a dedicated server hosting company that supports different platforms, such as virtual private servers, dedicated server solutions, dedicated hosting solutions.

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