Pick Cheap Dedicated Server Price To Fast-track Your Work Management


Websites have become a premium asset for all working departments and individuals. Be it blogs, e-commerce, entertainment, or service-based businesses, all of them require a website for a smooth and explicit operation throughout. Such websites are deployed with extensive traffic and need a superior and flexible system to deal with it. This is where website hosting comes into count. In simple terms, website hosting provides your website with access to an ideal internet platform that helps you run your business and services leniently and effectively online. Shared, Dedicated, VPS, and Reseller are some of the main types of hosting, among which cheap dedicated server hosting stands out to be the most productive. This article will help you know about dedicated hosting and select the best-dedicated server price knowledgeably.

A Brief Idea Of Cheap Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting provides a dedicated server, a personal server in simple terms, to a single client only. Dedicated server plans are ideal for large traffic websites. The clients get prime features and a wide range of configurations to manage and handle their websites and audiences.  From effectiveness to data privacy, it has everything to offer to website owners.

How to choose an ideal Cheap Dedicated Server Plan?

Slow websites can never be ranked number one on the Internet, but fast content loading is crucial for worldwide recognition. Dedicated hosting thus comes up with different price plans, and every plan has got something unique. Upgrading to dedicated hosting can be expensive, but once you understand its core and the range of features it provides, you will realize it’s worth it.

Dedicated Server Price depends on many parameters, and it keeps varying with updates. Processor, Cores, Threads, RAM requirement, Space, Firewall, Server Support, Backup Services, etc. are some of the common and prime attributes that the clients closely look for.

Strategizing your plan selection:

A dedicated server with a DSX1 core processor, Intel Xeon E3 2136-6C/12T/4.50GHz technology with 16GB RAM and 480GB of SSD Raid Space can cost you around 10984 INR at Onlive Server. But you can’t rely on just one plan, and it may not suit everyone’s requirements as well. Therefore it is vital to understand how you can strategize your overall action to aim for the perfect.

Here are infrequent tips which can help you out.
Performance Requirements

Buying a dedicated server can be one tap away, but you need to plan what your website truly needs before that. A website with less number of visitors does not require a high-level dedicated server. Understand the insights of your websites and portray your requirements accordingly. The role your website plays is also essential. It conveys if you need a dedicated server of a high processing unit or a low processor but more space. Hence understanding your performance requirement is necessary.

Security Features

If you own a professional and significant running website, then security should be your priority. Choose a plan that offers a top-notch firewall that won’t let any data privacy breaches take place. Your data is your key element and must be protected from all kinds of malware and spam.

Technology Advancements

Technology is advancing and so should your requirements. Your potential server should have the ability to cope up with future technical updates as well. Therefore, go for the latest software packages, operating systems, high capacity RAM, etc. It will help you out in balancing future growth objectives and upgrades.

Future Applications

“Where do I see my website over the next few years?” should be the question to yourself. Understanding the need for your website and its growth in the next few years is very important. It will help you to buy dedicated server plan that offers a long-term service. Changing hosting providers now and then can be hectic and, at the same time, not recommended.

Backup Services

Before selecting a server, look out for the available backup services it has. Glitches and malfunctioning of the system can lead to data loss, and in any case, your hard drive fails, you need to rely upon your server’s backup to restore your data solely. Therefore, consider a dedicated server that offers a reliable data backup service.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are generally a little too expensive but at the same time offer a wider range of benefits to the clients than any other hosting server.

  1. Better performance rate compared to other hosting servers
  2. Custom firewall for carrying out all kinds of privacy control and maintain the originality of the website
  3. Provides authenticity and recognition to website owners
  4. Reliability and security of high degree
  5. Premium software packages and unique IP addresses


Websites have turned around as a most prominent asset for modern-day businesses. It should cover all the necessary factors to cope up with today’s digital transformation. A dedicated server available can meet all your needs. Managing the network, handling the traffic, framing an attractive landing page, fluent performance, and overall productivity & customization of the website can ideally be done with its help.

It is highly recommended to go for Web Hosting Companies to avail an affordable Best Dedicated Server price. At “Onlive Server”, you can get a handy idea about the hosting services and better deals on the dedicated servers. A highly knowledgeable team in Onlive Server has made it so easy for their customers to understand the need for web hosting and the best deal cracker for them on the wide range of dedicated services available.

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