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Book Domain Name Registration Online

Book Unique Domain Name From Onlive Server

Are you looking to book domain name registration online? Part of having a website that is accessible includes purchasing a unique domain name. A domain name is a unique identifier among millions of other websites that are available on the web. This is why it is imperative to have an easy-to-type and memorable name to improve the online presence. Having a good domain name will is going to serve as an extension of your business. A domain name will enhance your business’s awareness and recognition. In addition, it will add credibility to the venture and boost the recall of the visitors. When you have a memorable domain name, it gets typed to Google often. The algorithms will track and give the website more authority. This article will discuss tips that will help you revolutionize how you book domain name registration. 

Can you book domain name registration without hosting?

If you want to Book Domain Name Registration Online, you have a website that you want to be accessible worldwide. One of the questions which may linger in your mind is whether you can book domain name registration without hosting. Well, the answer is yes. You can purchase a domain name without hosting.

You are not required to have a hosting provider to register the domain you want. If the domain name you need is available, you can purchase it by paying the required fee and registering it with the domain registrar. It does not matter whether one has a hosting accounting or not. One is going to be the owner of a domain name as long as they keep paying the renewal fee, irrespective of whether one uses hosting to create their website or not.

How do domain names impact a business?

The right domain name can affect the traffic of the website and the total brand image for the business. Many people usually connect this to the domain’s impact on SEO. How exactly does the domain name registration online affect the SEO? The domain does not have any effect on SEO. There are about 200 ranking factors in the algorithm of Google, and domain name is among them. This means a domain name will have a certain level of effect on the SEO of the site. Here are some of the ways how a domain name will affect a business:


Your web authority and reputation will undoubtedly rise if you have a good domain name correctly spelled and related to the business or vertical. Additionally, obtaining all of the domain names available counterparts, like SLD domain misspellings and TLD variants, can safeguard you from any reputation damage.


Although incorporating a keyword in the SLD is not certain to help the SEO, choosing a suitable domain will make it possible for customers to click on the links. They will be aware of what they are putting themselves into!


Determine who your target market is and register the domain accordingly. Having a domain name registration that targets a specific community or place might increase the number of people visiting the site and interacting. People are more liable to visit your site if the domain appeals directly to your targeting people.

How to Book Domain Name Registration online via the Onlive Server

The Onlive server has continued to offer quality services to its clients. The company provides tons of web storage and is reliable. Their site has been a boost to ensure that there is no downtime at any moment. This means that their services and support are available 24 hours, irrespective of the traffic visiting the site. We shall consider a glance at how you book domain registration using this website.

As usual, the first step is to visit the Onlive Server website. Here, you will be compelled to enter the domain name you have selected in the search bar. Remember to keep your domain name simple and easy to remember. If possible, ensure that the domain name chosen describes the services or the products the business deals with. After this, choose the extension you will want to use as there is a variety available on the website.

Once you confirm that the domain name and its extension is available, add it cart and press checkout. Choose domain configuration settings that you want and press checkout. Enter payment details required and click complete. After this, you will have booked your domain name.

Navigating through the world domains can be a daunting task, but Onliveserverhas made it relatively easy. Ensure the domain name you register is under your name. It is essential to ensure that you are the owner of the domain and have administrative access rights.         


Registering a domain name and hosting a site are two different things. You can be able to handle them any in which preference you prefer. Various web hosts offer domain registration services; hence you can check the two tasks off the list when you are ready. Domain services are a key part of website management, and it is natural for people to handle everything from one service.

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