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Europe Dedicated Server

Based on our expertise in providing reliable, high-performance dedicated servers, Onlive Server is proud to offer our new Europe Dedicated Server plans. Our servers are housed in a world-class data center in Europe and connected to a high-speed, redundant network. We offer a range of server configurations to meet the needs of any customer, from businesses with advanced software applications to small startups with modest storage requirements. All of our plans include fully-managed hardware, firewall protection, 24/7 monitoring, and top-notch support! Read more about our Europe dedicated server offerings below!

What Are The Features Of This Server?

Our servers are housed in a world-class data center in Europe and connected to a high-speed, redundant network. We offer multiple server configurations to meet the needs of any customer, from small businesses to Europe dedicated servers for customers or virtualization servers for internal use to large enterprises in need of powerful and highly reliable web hosting solutions. I configure each server with enterprise hardware and software, including Intel Xeon processors, fast ECC RAM, fast RAID 10 hard drives, and dual Gigabit Ethernet connections. All servers include free cPanel/WHM control panels with free setup, free SSD for enhanced performance, free backups, and more!

What Makes This Server Good For Ecommerce?

Our Europe dedicated servers are powerful, fast, and incredibly reliable. We build them with security and redundancy in mind so that your websites never go down. All the servers in our data center are protected by external firewalls making it very difficult for hackers to breach the servers. This is an important aspect of having a good eCommerce solution as your customers want their payment information to be secure at all times. As a bonus, we offer cheap dedicated server plans in Europe which make our services ideal for both eCommerce and regular website hosting needs!

How Will We Keep Your Website Secure?

When you sign up for a dedicated server with Online, you’ll benefit from our innovative security features. Advanced firewall technology and virtual firewalls that block brute force attacks and other common threats protect all of our servers. We adopt a zero-tolerance policy for denial-of-service attacks or website hacking attempts. This means that if we even suspect that I have compromised your website, we will not hesitate to remove your website from our network. These measures make it easier for customers such as banks and e-commerce sites – who must adhere to strict security standards – to trust us with their digital needs.

How Else Can You Customize This Plan?

Onlive Server is proud to introduce our new Zurich Dedicated Server plan. Our servers are housed in a world-class data center in Zurich and connected to a high-speed, redundant network. We offer a range of server configurations to meet the needs of any customer, from low-end users with 1GB of RAM and 5GB of disk space to large companies with multiple applications requiring 100+ GB of RAM. If you are not sure which service would best suit your needs, please contact us by clicking here.

When Do I Need To Choose Between Virtual Dedicated Or Physically Dedicated?

There are a lot of differences between a physical dedicated server and a virtual dedicated server, including cost and performance. But what if you need a server that performs well but doesn’t require much power? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing between a virtual or physical dedicated server: The price per gigabyte is low for a physical server, so you get more bang for your money. If you don’t need a lot of processing power or RAM, consider buying a small physical server with fewer resources than a large virtual server. If you want to upgrade your resources later down the road, it will be easier with a physical server than with a virtual server. Virtual dedicated servers offer flexibility and convenience—you can quickly and easily change configurations as needed without investing in new hardware.

What Is Meant By Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you get a server that is only yours and which you can use however you want. You have full control over everything on your server. This means that you can upload any type of software and/or files as long as they are valid. This type of freedom is what makes dedicated service attractive to many. When you buy a cheap dedicated server from Onlive Server. We provide all the equipment and handle all technical support issues for you. We also provide 24/7 monitoring services for our servers in case anything goes wrong. Because we are in Europe. There are no data transfer restrictions or other complications to worry about when using our servers – just fast speeds!

How Can You Help Me If I Have Questions About My Account Or The Services?

If you ever have any questions about your online server account or services. You can reach our customer support team by phone, live chat, or e-mail. Please note that our hours of operation are 24 hours / 7 days a week. We value being consistently accessible when you really want us! To converse with a specialist by means of a live visit. Our representatives are holding on to take your call or chat. To send us an email message, kindly click here. In the event that you like to utilize our live visit element to help with a current request or general inquiries regarding items and administrations, click here. I encrypt all correspondence for protection and security. Your data is protected with us!


A server is a computer or a device that contains an operating system, CPU, and other devices. Cheap Dedicated Server refers to machines that are dedicated to running applications and services. Whereas virtualization and cloud computing are popular methods of hosting servers today. They all rely on physical servers in data centers or co-location facilities.

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