How to get the best Cheap reseller hosting by Onlive Server

cheap reseller hosting

What is cheap reseller hosting

 Cheap Reseller hosting is a way for you to buy web hosting resources in bulk and then re-sell them to your clients. Easily set barriers on disk space, bandwidth, email usage, and different important elements with a per-package or per-site approach; the decision is yours! Your web hosting company will furnish the fully-managed service which is composed of server house and hosting resources, to lend full overall performance to your end-user clients. cheap reseller hosting isn’t simply for web designers, agencies, and start-up internet hosting companies, though. It’s also an exquisite option for everyone who runs multiple websites themselves. With access to WHM, you can create every site with its personal separate cPanel – meaning every site or consumer gets its personal login to manage its personal hosting settings. This improves website performance and additionally resiliency from malware attacks.

What are the advantages of reseller hosting?

-It helps to earn money by reselling someone’s hosting by your hallmark.

-You can add your personal branding on the hosting and support you to earn extra income.

-It is suitable for web designers, agencies, or developers.

-You can set pricing according to your status.

-You can handle one reseller hosting instead of managing many packages

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How to start a business with reseller hosting?

When you sign up for a reseller web hosting account, you will get the control panel access with all administration access. You will get the allotted storage and bandwidth according to your package (monthly, yearly, or any time duration). The panel will furnish you with all the necessary tools to function management tasks in an environment-friendly way. You can create new accounts, assign email addresses, domains, storage space, and other vital functionalities needed to fulfill the requirements of the client.

Once you purchase a reseller hosting plan, now you can create your own customized hosting plans to resell, control consumer privileges, manage traffic, and all aspects of internet hosting.

How to make money with reseller hosting?

If you are an internet designer or developer, it means you can higher guide your clients and are capable to manage their tasks. Don’t worry if you are now not tech-savvy, this is your clients’ task. You need to consider the following aspect in order to earn more.

Choose the best hosting provider-Understand the key features, plans, and purchaser support in order to complete your enterprise need in an efficient manner. You can additionally read the terms and stipulations to prevent any misconceptions.

Purchase a reseller package- There are many cheap web hosting functions offered in order to provide you with an incredible quality of services. Compare the bandwidth, the number of add-on domains, digital mail accounts, and protected storage space of high-quality hosting packages beforehand than finalizing your decision. It is based on your choice that you like domestic windows reseller hosting or Linux shared reseller hosting. Both resellers’ internet hosting offerings are better in accordance with precise requirements however Linux shared web hosting is less expensive than window reseller hosting.

The technical support-Specify specific technical support options that you will provide when your clients are facing an issue. Customers love to have devoted customer support through phone 24/7. It is sure, you would require a number of personnel to handle calls as compared to email support. If you are not going to provide an in-house technical guide then make sure you will outsource it for fixing the issues of your client.

Make your custom packages-After buying the packages you can add your own branding and promote it as your own. Design your custom packages for consumers and display them on your website or distinctive social media platforms. The customization option can be seen in the image given below.

Check Best Domain Name Availability

Once you pick out to build a new business website, then you have to seek advice from a top web internet hosting provider. You need to make an important choice to choose the right area hosting provider. It’s too hard to choose the right domain title at the cheapest price. Onlive Server brings domain title services where customers can domain name availability on the Onlive Server portal easily.

Final words

The technical parts of setting and managing the quality reseller hosting company are now not very difficult. Even you are not tech-savvy you can also run your commercial enterprise with a perfect account management tool like WHMCS. If you have been planning to set up any business, reseller hosting is an inexpensive way to get started.

In this digital world, each and every traditional business is transferring on the web or planning to make an online presence in order to target clients all over the world. If you have any confusion, let us know so that we can provide a great consultation.

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