10 Reasons You Should Use a Singapore VPS Server for Your Website

Singapore VPS

If you’re like most website owners, you’ve probably already chosen your preferred hosting service for your web presence. Whether it’s a shared hosting plan or a managed VPS server. So why should you consider switching to a VPS server from another provider? Here are 10 reasons you should think about using a Singapore VPS Server instead of your current web host.

Reason #1 – The Right Location

Singapore is between China and India. So your website would likely have more views from Chinese and Indian users than from American ones. It has excellent connectivity to all of Asia, so Asians are far more likely to see your website than their American counterparts. Because of its location, many Asians will view it in real-time and not hours later than they would on America’s west coast.

Reason #2 – Static IP Addresses

With a Singapore VPS Server, you’ll have access to your own set of static IP addresses. This is beneficial because it helps protect your spite against unauthorized and/or malicious traffic. After all, if they know they can’t break into your site by HTTP requests and port scans, they’re less likely to try in those ways. With that being said, here are five additional reasons you should use a VPS for your website or web hosting needs

Reason #3 – 24/7 Customer Support Available

We understand that there is something wrong with your site and you want to solve it as soon as possible. That’s why our qualified and professional administrators are always ready to help you 24/7 anytime. They will be happy to assist you whenever required. They can answer all your questions regarding how to perform different tasks on your web hosting account how how-to access different controls of your server and many other things, which are directly related to our company’s services.

Reason #4 – Linux OS

Linux servers are arguably more reliable and stable than their Windows counterparts. While they can be resource hogs virtual private servers utilize Linux’s resource management system to guarantee your sites won’t suddenly crash when you most need them to perform. In addition, by going with a Singapore VPS you avoid dealing with hardware failures and maintenance headaches that come along with renting space on a dedicated server.

Reason #5 – KVM Virtualization Technology

Unlike common shared hosting services, KVM virtualization technology used in Singapore VPS hosting allows you to run over one virtual machine on your server. The ability to install over one operating system on your webspace ensures that even if one operating system crashes. You won’t lose everything. Many customers choose to run two operating systems windows and Linux. That way, they have a high level of protection against security breaches and crashing servers.

Reason #6 – Low Latency Network Access

While there are many other reasons you should make use of a Singapore VPS server, perhaps one of its best benefits is that it provides excellent access to low latency network connections. In fact, most web services today require low latency connectivity because of their ability to improve page loading speeds.

Reason #7 – Full Root-level Access

With Singapore’s virtual private server (VPS) hosting, you have full root-level access to your account. That means that you can install any software or create subdomains as you wish—without contacting us. In addition. We offer a $150 credit towards server configuration and design services. We can even do custom installs of software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and others at no additional cost to you.

Reason #8 – Free Migration Services

While we’re not sure of how useful it is to move your site from one hosting provider to another. We think our free migration services will come in handy. This is because we don’t want any hiccups during your transfer. And if you’re worried about downtime, worry no more. We offer free backup services that ensure someone transfers successfully all data and files securely.

Reason #9–99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

If your website is down over 0.01% in 24 hours, they will credit your account with 10% of your monthly hosting cost at their expense. If there is over one downtime on two consecutive days. Then they will refund you 100% of that month’s hosting costs like the Singapore VPS Server Hosting. The uptime guarantee does not apply if server issues are caused by things such as hacking or disk failure etc.

Reason #10 – Multiple Backup Options

The primary benefit that you will get with a virtual private server is complete security and peace of mind. That’s because, besides an offline backup of your files, you can also create secure copies to be stored off-site on CD or DVD. In fact, most hosting companies now offer two online backups and one off-site backup as standard practice. It’s just another reason your website needs to be on a virtual private server instead of just a dedicated web host.

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